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School overview


 Yokohama Mirai Japanese Language Institute is a Japanese language educational institution opened in 2018.
 Our school divides Japanese language classes into preparatory courses (“2years course” and “1year and a half course”) and general courses, so the students can choose witch classes suits them the best to reach to their goal. In terms of class format, the conventional stance of teachers teaching students one-sidedly is not taken, and classes are always conducted in such a way that students take the lead and teachers play a supporting role. 
​ The school building is located 9 minutes away from the Yokohama Station’s express train and a 15minutes walk from Gumyoji Station on the Keikyu Main Line. Despite being so close to the center of the city, the area around our school is surrounded by green fields and trees, making it a quiet environment where you can concentrate on your studies. There are large supermarkets, convenience stores, and shopping streets around the school, making it convenient for daily life.
​ Now, let's open the door to your own future at Yokohama Mirai Japanese Language Institute.



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Educational Goals


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 In addition to mastering the Japanese language, we will develop true communication skills that will enable us to live smoothly in Japan. ​

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 Experience Japanese culture and other cultures, and nurture the ability to understand other cultures and a spirit of tolerance.

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 Through regular counseling, we will provide opportunities for students to clearly recognize their own learning goals and methods, and promote and support effective independent learning.

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 Provide accurate career guidance for the student's desired career path.

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